Foot plate of the Rocket and others.

Taken on the footplate of the replica Stevenson’s Rocket at the museum of science and industry in Manchester. Taken with a Leica R6 and a 135mm elmarit, once again it only goes to show the quality of the glass. One of a series of shots taken around Manchester

One of a series of shots taken around Manchester, shot whilst wandering around the city. I am always on the look out for a good shot and many of these are the result of always trying to have good camera with me. My current stealth camera of choice is a Leica Minilux. It takes stunning images, but is small enough (just!) to leave in your coat pocket but has a fabulous Leica 40mm fixed prime lens. I have happily made up to 18″ x 12″ enlargements off of photos taken with it. For newbies, or non techies this camera uses film!