February 4th, 2011

Here is brief insight into a recent commercial photography job that I undertook. I had a request from the Black Rat Gallery in London to photograph some paintings for them. The paintings by an American artist called Elbow-Toe are currently on show in the Warrington art gallery and museum. Black Rat are showing them next and want to prepare a book to accompany the exhibition. My problem was that some of the pictures were behind glass. How do you take a picture of painting square on without showing your reflection or the light?

These are the photos and a brief explanation of how I manged to get the photos with no reflections. I used two profoto d1 heads one with a zoom reflector and one with a beauty dish and positioned these about six feet away from the paintings and angled at 45 degrees to the painting. Thus if the light was contained by the reflectors no light should fall on the camera directly facing the painting. The second problem was a reflection of the camera and tripod. This was removed by darkening the whole room so that very little light went into the room and covering the tripod with a non reflective black cloth. Interestingly I have referred to Elbow-Toes work as paintings but they are in fact collages. They are made up of thousands of tiny pieces of paper all added individually. It must take him ages!

product photography

March 27th, 2010


In response to several recent queries from customers, yes I do do product and close up shots. Consequently I will be putting a new page up on my website for product photography.  In the meantime here are a few photos that showcase what I can do and give you some ideas.  Pricing details will all be on the new page.