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To make things easier for customers considering commissioning Richard Price photography for their architectural imagery requirements we have created this information page.

Hopefully it will explain the process involved, what we need from you and some easily avoidable pitfalls. If after reading this you have any further questions, please use the contact link on the left to get in touch.

What we need you to tell us

  • The location of the site and its orientation, with North clearly indicated. This allows us to work out the best time to photograph your site.
  • The intended use of the site.
  • Where you would like photographed, any particular views you like, or wish avoided?
  • What you wish the images to be used for, at what size and the file types required.
  • Is it possible to visit the site to for a prior visit? If so does this need to be arranged with the owner or site manager?
  • Is the building completed, if not are there any particular hazards or obstacles we should be made aware of?
  • Do you have any special requirements? eg photography at dawn or sunset.
  • When you require the images to be delivered.
  • Do you have control over the lighting of the building and if required can it be varied by you?
  • Is the building ready to be photographed? Are all the lights working, has any residual building waste been removed, furniture installed and the landscaping finished?
  • Is the the owner or site manager aware of our visit? What is their telephone number? Are they aware of what is involved, lights, time needed, tripod etc?
  • If you require photography from a neighbouring building has access been arranged?

What we need to tell you

  • We retain the copyright over all the images, unless this is specifically requested at the time of commissioning.
  • We retain the right to use the images for our own promotional purposes. We think publicizing our images as widely as possible is of benefit to you and us.

With clients from major international practices to sole practicioners Richard Price photography consistently delivers high quality images to meet the demanding requirements of its customers. Whether you require a single shot of your building or images for a major campaign we can deliver the results you need.

Based in central Manchester Richard Price photography has become the preferred choice for many of the regions top practices and regularly works with clients from across the North and North-West, including nearby Cheshire, Sheffield, Leeds, Chester, Lancashire, Liverpool and Merseyside. Manchester’s vibrant cultural and artistic scene and excellent transport infrastructure is what attracted us here, however we are far from North-West focussed and regularly work with national and international clients and we are more than happy to travel to show what we can do for you and your business. Feel free to get in touch via the contact link on the left to discuss your requirements.

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